Unity in Community Foundation

serving Leyden Township

"Putting  Unity back in the CommUNITY"

"You have not lived today until you do something 
for someone who can never repay you." ~ John Bunyan


Our area food pantries are in dire need of restocking.
Please consider purchasing a few extra non-perishables
the next time you shop for your family. 
If you need someone to pick up those non-perishables,
email us at
Click here for a list of local food pantries.
Please join us on Sunday, February 25, from 9 am to 1 pm at the American Legion Hall at 9752 Pacific Avenue in Franklin Park, in support of the fundraiser for the KIA Memorial located at Ridgewood High School. 

Tickets are $10 at the door.  You can also purchase them in advance by contacting Carol Valentino-Barry at 773-428-0892 or by email at  

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The Unity in Community Foundation, does not endorse any particular candidate for public office or corporate sponsor, and the foundation has no agency relationship with organizations to which it may be linked.

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