Unity in Community Foundation

serving Leyden Township

"Putting  Unity back in the CommUNITY"

"You have not lived today until you do something 
for someone who can never repay you." ~ John Bunyan


Helping Hands Extended

We have extended Helping Hands to many community members and community organizations. Below are some happy faces realizing some help came through. At the same time, we respect the privacy and dignity of our recipients, so we want others to know we are just glad we could help out.
Some help with a new laptop for a college bound student continue her post-secondary education

Enger School - District 83
is an educational facility that serves students with disabilities.
A Helping Hand was extended to support winter programs for the students was granted Nov.4, 2015


The Leyden Food Pantry needed a
New Refrigerator

A College Bound Student needed a Laptop

Support to a family with BIG hopes for their
little blessing. Best wishes to the
Robert Michael Wood Foundation.

Helping Alexandra Vitali by running a fundraiser to help relieve some medical costs for this young woman.